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High performance virtual dedicated server

Each VPS has its own resources, and is isolated from other servers
Multi Core Intel, Raid Drive, ECC Ram
IPv4 and IPv6 network

Linux & freebsd

Linux server naked or pre-installed with root access
FreeBSD server naked with root access

MySQL database

Mysql root access
Administration with phpMyAdmin and incremental backups

Secure SMTP mail

Unlimited sending emailling
SMTP Authentication with SASL (tls/ssl)


The complete backup of your data, for your VPS,
without complex handling

subscription 12 months = YOU SAVE 2 months


If you need a server with different characteristics , such as a different disk space,
more IP address, IP ranges, ... contact us.

  VPS available distributions (the most recents) => all detailed distributions
  Name Installed services
debian ISPCONFIG 3 ftp, ssh, smtp, dns, http, https, pop3, imap, mysql, ispconfig
debian MySQL server version 5.5 mysql
debian SMTP server
(Postfix version 2)
smtp authenticated SASL (tls/ssl)
ubuntu Ubuntu server 18.04 LTS
(Bionic Beaver)
ubuntu Ubuntu MATE Gnome 15.10
(Wily Werewolf)
ssh, remote Office (x2go)
debian Debian 8 (Jessie) ssh
fedora Fedora 17 (Beefy Miracle) ssh
fedora CentOS 7 ssh
freeBSD freeBSD 8 ssh

  VPS SUPER BACKUP => more info

The complete backup of your data, for your VPS, without complex handling.
Simple and efficient.

  VPS Features

Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5645 @ 2.40GHz
RAM ECC dedicated memory Guarantee
SWAP dedicated memory Guarantee
Local Raid Hard Drive
Included IPv4 addresses (up to 64 IPv4 per server, free of charge and all ports open)
Included IPv6 range block /48 (per server, free of charge and all ports open)
Geolocated in France
Bandwidth 100 Mbps
Monitoring MRTG via Control Panel
Management root access, KVM (keyboard video mouse), secondary DNS, Reverse personalized (rDNS) for IPv4 and IPv6 address
Reboot and Rescue Mode 24h/24
OS Reinstallation

RipeRIPE member (Local Internet Registry, LIR) GreenImingo uses green technologies. Your server is Green! Green100% Hosting in France, our own network, servers, switches and routers.
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